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1. Identity

Your company’s website is direct representation of its identity. Through your online brand, you can display your identity to your customers.

2. Strategy

An online strategy is more than just a website. Interacting with customers through images, video and social media are all part of an online strategy.

3. Design

After developing an identity and strategy, your online presence can attract customers through a memorable and creative design.

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85% of consumers are searching for local businesses online. 63% of all small businesses do not have an online presence


If you are a business or non-profit and you need a website, you have come to right place. Websites which have been custom designed and developed for individual businesses are proven to increase the rate of customer acquisition and sales. For example,  a small business that primarily deals with local customers can open up their business to people all over the world with an e-commerce solution. Directly tying into the inventory management system, an e-commerce website is valuable to any business.

Websites aren’t the only way companies can interact with their customers. Through online directories, like Google’s Places for Business and social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, businesses can interact with a great number of potential customers.

  • Design

    A website’s design is the proverbial book cover of a business. When customers visit your website the first thing they notice is the design.

  • Development

    The quality of website development can influence SEO, website speed, future upgrade compatibility and user experience.

  • Hosting

    Website hosting shouldn’t be an afterthought. If your website is slow or goes down, your customers are directly impacted.

  • Integration

    Your website should be a main part of your business. Your site should be integrated with every other aspect of your business.

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